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You've got questions, we've got answers

What are the differences in my shipping options?

If you're a Victoria local we wont charge you shipping!

For the rest of Canada we have two options, Regular post and Expedited post. Regular is our most competitive price but we aren't able to offer tracking. If you want to increase the speed and add tracking, Expedited is a good option!

To ship to the States we pull in a few shipping costs that are more specific to make sure we're as accurate as we can be.

I just put through an order, when will it be shipped?

Thanks so much! We make at least 4 trips to the post office each week and we aim to ship within 3 days of ordering at the latest! You'll receive a notification once it's gone out and you can reach out with any questions along the way!

Do you ship outside of North America?

At the moment we don't but please reach out and we can work something out. We'll introduce more shipping options as needed!

I've never ironed a patch on before. How do I do it?

You'll have it all done in no time. Each card has instructions on the back but we're happy to cover it here as well.

Here's a short video walking through the steps along with a couple tips!

I've ironed on my patch! How do I wash my clothes now?

Business as usual! We recommend putting your jacket or sweater inside out before washing on cold, then hanging to dry. If you use hot water or machine dry, over time that may weaken the adhesive.

All of a sudden I don't like patches anymore. Can I return it?

We hope you'll have a change of heart but if for some reason the quality is off or it's not what you were expecting please reach out. We'll see what we can do for you on a case by case basis!

Can I wear one of the wool patches?

We totally get it- the vintage look is hard to pass up. It's possible but we don't recommend it for everyone. They are sturdy but not tested for everyday wear and tear. Mainly, we wouldn't suggest putting them through the wash!

We have made some custom patches in the wool and in that case it's best to hand stitch and remove before washing your clothes, then reattach. This will give you the longest life out of the patch!

Has COVID changed anything I need to know about?

Not really! It may slow down shipping still but everything else is business as usual. We're a small team keeping everything clean and safe as we go!